Data Security and Privacy

BugsIO Solutions understands the importance of ensuring the security of your data and privacy of your personally identifiable information.


  • E-Reminders Add-on for JIRA Cloud collects and stores only information necessary for operating advertised features and providing support.
    • We collect information you provide to us directly.
    • We may collect contact details for JIRA administrator(s) setting up the add-on for the purpose of contacting in case of any issue or misuse noticed.
    • We do NOT store any user information collected from JIRA. Before sending a report to user, e-Reminders obtains user's current email address from JIRA and discharges it right after sending email.
    • We do NOT store any data about your JIRA projects and issues. Data received from JIRA is deleted from memory as soon as generated report is sent.
  • Back-end service powering e-Reminders add-on is running on and stores all data on Google's cloud infrastructure.
  • All data between Atlassian Cloud instances and our back-end is transferred via HTTP over Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).