External Comments for Confluence

If you're running a publicly visible Confluence instance, allowing visitors to comment/discuss your articles may be price prohibitive (especially if you're a small organization). Instead of allowing Confluence self-registration, use Confluence accounts for your content contributors only while enabling commenting via third-party service.

External Comments Plugin for Confluence enables external commenting system on your Confluence pages.

Currently, the plugin supports Disqus service only. Depending on interest, we may add support for other commenting systems in the future.


The installation of the External Comments Plugin could be done through the Confluence Plugin Manager. Search for External Comments and install.

The plugin is free.


Open Confluence Administration > Configuration > External Comments. Specify DISQUS forum ID, save configuration and you're done.


Compatibility with Domain Booster

If you're running our Domain Booster Plugin to enable virtual hosts on Confluence, you may want to use a different Disqus forum on each site. In that case, open site specific settings in Domain Booster configuration and add page text modification rule:

Find text: meta-ajs:external-comments-disqus
Replace With: <your Disqus forum shortname>